Wellbeing and productivity in the workplace


Wellbeing and productivity in the workplace


3equals1 Design attended a fascinating CPD on Wellbeing and Productivity in the Workplace, hosted by Ocee Design. This is a topic close to our hearts and one that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s working environment.



What we learned:

Presenteeism is the practice of coming to work despite illness, injury, anxiety, etc, often resulting in reduced productivity and it is now a bigger problem in the UK than absenteeism
Factors that can cause presenteeism in the workplace include: excessive noise, constant distractions/interruptions, lack of daylight, illness, stress/anxiety, and management style
The average time spent by a UK worker before being interrupted is 12 minutes 40 seconds
The average time it takes for that worker to reach the same level of concentration they were at is 15 minutes 30 seconds



How can we fix this?

Asking for feedback and listening to employees’ needs and wants
Smarter workplace design
Encouraging regular breaks throughout the day
Adopting an open-door policy for all management staff
Offering staff healthcare plans and introducing fitness/nutrition based initiatives



What are the benefits?

A healthy work/life balance leads to a happier and more productive workforce
Greater engagement between all levels of an organisation
Increased job satisfaction and a stronger desire to learn and develop
Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
Reduced staff turnover

Tom Wye