Clerkenwell Design Week | 3e1 Event Highlights

June 10, 2019

Here at 3e1 HQ, we don’t do anything by halves.

Our designers extracted every inch of Clerkenwell Design Week this year! Pounding the streets, showrooms, tents and talks to find the best products and processes in workplace interior design!

As we are firm believers in that age-old saying ‘Form Follows Function’ we weren’t going to let ourselves get distracted by just the shiny new products. All that glitters isn’t gold! We wanted to seize this opportunity to source real, practical products for all our clients’ needs and budgets. Each of our designers hit #CDW with a strict itinerary, sourcing products for departments you would find in a typical office: everything from Directors to Admin, and Sales to Marketing.

Check out our top picks for a few of these!

''fixed walls are a constraint and solid partitions are quite literally barriers to collaboration”

Sarea picked out this great configuration from Creatif, ‘ Constuctif’. The lightweight, modular system creates semi-private environments that breed creativity and can be quickly reconfigured by the user to shape the perfect space for different tasks throughout the day.

We think it’s perfectly suited for a Marketing team’s brainstorming session!

#HR HAVEN - Our HR Hero Nicola Kellet joined us on our product hunt. In her freelance role she doesn’t have the luxury of a private office (who wants one anyway these days?!). She loved the flexibility of Guialmi’s Marea collection. The foldable sofas can easily turn an everyday breakout area into a soft and friendly private space.

#3equals1approved - 3e1 were all talking about the Midj table by Clessidra back at the office! It caught Gert’s eye on his hunt for products suitable for a Director and with great mix and match options for each component, you can cater to each individual’s tastes! We love this statement piece and how the base almost looks as if it will topple and collapse. It won’t, we tested it! We were also pleasantly surprised by the very reasonable price tag for such a high end looking product.

1) By Ourselves, From Not Another Chair

Harry picked out some great options for a sales environment that suit the varied working needs of a typically agile role. The fittingly named work booth ‘By Ourselves’ from Not Another Chair offers its user a quiet space to touch down and get some work done. We love the simple non-electric sit stand mechanism which allows the product itself to be flexible and easily moved around an ever changing office space! Great for businesses that are looking to grow!

2) ‘Worx’ By Intarc Design

Harry was also impressed with the re-configurable desking, ‘Worx’, designed by Intarc Design in collaboration with Alea. The system can effortlessly switch from work stations to meeting table and keep laptops charged with powered central core, perfect for offices short on space.

The EarChair by Agilita is next on Tash’s shopping list! The stand alone chair with its huge wings makes it easy to step into a quiet conversation anywhere in the office. It can be configured singularly or grouped making it another great option for future proofing expansion. Tash loves the geometry of this statement piece and would love to spec this in a law firm instead of using built-in quiet rooms.

3) Atom’ By Boss Design

And finally Maz was drawn to Atom Desking seated stool by Boss Design and thought it would be an ideal solution for the Director that prefers to be easily approachable and in the mix of things in an open-plan environment.


Many of the products 3e1 gravitated to over the festival had a degree of flexibility and can move with the occupier, transform to suit alternative tasks or double up to offer an additional purpose – Like the Boss which offers the user elevated status and privacy as well as storage and a stool to collaborate with a colleague.

We love products that work as hard as we do, can grow with your business, and offer users the space they need to get great work done.  Send us your thoughts and feedback on these products and comments and anything you saw at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week which caught your eye. You can explore all the exhibitors from this year and full details on all the events and shows on the official Clerkenwell Design Week website.

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