Clerkenwell Design Week 2021 | 3e1 Official Highlights

July 19, 2021

Clerkenwell design week is back!

We recently visited Clerkenwell Design Week - a hub for showcasing the leading UK and international brands in the design world. For many of our staff it was their first time attending and for the veterans, it was a different,tamer experience than the usual hustle and bustle of such a looked forward to event. COVID may have slowed us down, but it doesn't bring design to a halt.

About Clerkenwell...

Did you know that Clerkenwell is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet? It was inspiring to walk through a pocket of London that felt like it had been perfectly curated for us. Pink flags planted outside, waved us into the various showrooms, exhibitions and special installations ready for us to explore new products.

The ability to speak to staff in person, physically feel the materials of the products and even test them, is something we thought COVID would make us miss out on, some were very grateful for the opportunity for a bit of normality - after all, how else would you sit inside a 3D rendered model?

Each of our designers hit #CDW with a strict itinerary, sourcing sustainable yet aesthetically pleasing products for various projects. Check out some of our favorites below!

Life may be unpredictable, but one thing you can count on is a Bisley product.

As a company we respect their longevity, having been in the business 80 years, and yet still embracing change and being innovative. Starting out with their multi drawers that stored paper,to now creating all types of products for the office, home and even student accommodation made with recyclable steel. One of the products that caught our Designer's eye were the Quarters.

Yes, most companies create booths/sheltered workstations,however not all have considered how storage can work with these booths in a space. We discovered that these booths can house brightly coloured lockers neatly and within the design, which is super useful as hot-desking becomes the new norm for many on their return to the office. Uniquely designed with secure personal storage embedded for easy access, Quarters ensures that all your belongings are tucked safely away within the booths while you work. How handy!

Parkside are always outdoing themselves on design and sustainability.

Our designers favourite products from the Parkside showroom were the beautiful speckled tiling manufactured from other recycled tiles. The range is very sustainable, as the majority have no less than 40% recycled content.

At first glance,the patterns on the tiles appeared to look like dry earth, however upon further inspection through brochures with staff, we were shown just how beautifully these tiles could be used to create murals.The pink speckled colour has been noted as a favourite. Some might think that in a large space, pink could be overkill, but with the diversity in tiling shapes and density, you can create a design of your own choosing.

Orangebox are always improving and innovating.


Orangebox had a huge range to choose from! It was a little hard to choose but the two person meeting pods stood out from the rest. They provided amazing lumbar support for the lower back, something office workers take for granted on a daily basis. They even come with a white noise feature for those in a busy environment.

Orangebox use sustainable resources and specifically design products that are easier to recycle and renew. On all of their products,the fabric and foam are not bonded together,therefore making covers easy to remove and change,the foam can be kept for longer and chairs are very easy to recycle due to no adhesive being used.

Tarkett and Desso know how to do sustainability right, without comprising aesthetic.

Tarkett and Desso's marble effect loose lay vinyl were adored by a number of our team. They have adopted a fascinating method of digitally printing their vinyl tiles so that every pattern formed is unique, giving it a natural marble look.

Tarkett and Desso create new sustainable flooring by shredding old recycled flooring and reusing the raw material within new products. Whilst visiting the showroom,the whole team got involved in a bit of friendly competition creating material palettes for #CDW. Which really brought out the competitiveness of 3equals1!

We also loved how adaptable their glue down products are, as they are not only great for flooring but could also be used for worktops, walls, staircases and much more. The design possibilities are endless!

Many of the products that we gravitated to over the festival ticked the boxes of sustainability and can move with the occupier, transform to suit alternative tasks or double up to offer an additional purpose. We love products that work as hard as we do, can grow with your business, and offer users the space they need to get great work done.

We look forward to reuniting with the design community in May 2022!

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