Vitra Showroom Visit

February 24, 2018

Vitra - London Showroom

Here at 3 Equals 1 we recently visited the Vitra Showroom in London.  Vitra are known for producing the highest quality furniture and has a fantastic reputation all over the world. Entering the furniture market in 1957 the family owned Swiss company has continued to grow and has premises in Weil am Rhein, Germany well recognised due to the array of architects that have designed the buildings that make up these premises. Here is an overview of some fantastic products we see during our visit.

Tip Ton chair:

The Tip Ton chair is a simplistic yet extremely effective design and is a great solution for a soft seating area option. The design is an all plastic chair which is available in many vibrant colour options. The chairs ability to ‘tip’ when a user leans forward is a clever solution that ensures a simple yet effective solution in aiding a user to grab say a drink with minimal fuse before falling back into a seated position. To add to the design the Tip Ton is also 100% recyclable and can be stacked for easy storage and is a great solution to many different environments.

03 Chair:

I was very impressed with the 03 chair which is made of a resilient integral skin polyurethane foam which is able to adapt to each individual. This ability is due to a central spring embedded in the back rest and therefore of course means the chair is extremely durable. The user is therefore able to lean back on the chair as the back flexes under this pressure ensuring it suits how the user wishes to sit and prevents from any discomfort which was great to test out. The chair back then reforms into the natural position when this force is removed or the user stands up. This really is therefore a fantastic solution for meeting rooms as any user can maintain a great level of comfort.

Alcove Highback Work:

The perfect solution for escaping a busy work area for when you really need to concentrate the design provides comfort and a suitable working environment. The sofa shields users from the rest of the space they maybe in preventing from distraction and the designs acoustic properties only further enhance this level of protection is maintained. The design includes a desk, storage box and cable inlet meaning it really is a great private working area for when you really need to focus on an individual task.

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