Our hunger for knowledge manifests itself in regular visits to trade shows and manufacturers.

We work with the best people in the business and always pass on this learning to our clients. We happily admit to not knowing everything and rely on the knowledge and expertise of our manufacturers and suppliers just as much as our own skills. Each project has its own unique solution – working with the right people helps us to succeed.

In our opinion, the attitude that one size fits all no longer exists in this industry. 3equals1's services featured below are powered by a comprehensive tool set which enables us to create environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for our clients.

Key Services:

• Conversations to understand the ‘problem’ so we can help solve it
• Understanding your business strategy
• Time utilisation surveys to understand
how your space is being used
• Surveying the space to ensure we have all
the right information

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What We Mean

This stage of the process is dedicated to getting to know your team and your employees. It is also a perfect opportunity for you to get to know us and discuss that project brief in detail. As well as working closely with key members of staff who are directly involved, 3equals1 hosts workshops to learn about your employees needs and make them feel part of the process.

What We Mean

This stage is idea stage. After the initial briefing meeting, 3e1 will create inspirational mood boards to capture your company’s personality. Attracting the right staff is important for any organisation, and the space is the first impression when people visit any company.

Key Services

• We work together with the client to get the right look and make sure you believe in the message of the building design.
• Collect finishes and material options
• Demonstrate 2D plans through 3D renders
• We gather options from the floor to ceiling and everything in between – we work together with our clients and we are a team

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Key Services

• Package drawings required to build what has been agreed.
• Provide detailed drawings of key areas eg, café, meeting rooms, breakout rooms.
• We adapt as things can change. We work to ensure you get what you wants; it’s about flexibility and team work.
• We provide the information that teams all teams require and continue detailed conversations with the client.
• Visit the site to react to any needs as and when

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What We Mean

Here we will be developing the information and design of your space required for the manufacture and construction stage. This requires information from the design team and the specialist subcontractors.

Key Services

• We will future proof your space and consider how you will maintain your office.
• Assist with ‘dressing’ the space including final accessories
• Provide details of required mock ups
• Preparing artwork for graphics and manifestations
• Project story documentation

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What We Mean

Three companies equals 1 team. It’s that simple! We partner with contractors and furniture dealers to become one objective, impartial, fast, cost effective machine. We can work with your choice of team and recommend a range of trusted specialists. We will make sure to keep an eye on the time frame and will ensure your office is future proof by considering how you will maintain your office.

360 Virtual

This will enable you to walk through the designed space allowing you to control your virtual world.

Space Planning

Using your brief we can provide a 2dimensional floor layout showing you a solution that will either maximise or better utilise the flow of your office space

3D Visuals

Providing you with a realistic representation of how your space could look, incorporating all furniture and finishes.

Mood Boards/ Presentations

Creating boards showing the proposed finishes covering the floor to the ceiling and everything in between.  Presentations that will help give the story of the full design.

Workplace Analysis

By undertaking analysis work we are able to advise clients on best use of space and implement new ways of working to increase productivity and wellbeing, and reduce costs on real estate.

Storage Audit

Accurately documenting all storage, we will provide a spreadsheet of information, breaking it down into the sections of storage you have. The information will allow you to see if your current storage is being utilised efficiently. We also catalogue the storage by department or individual user to give you a clearer understanding of your needs.

Site Survey

We measure the space to ensure accuracy of the floor plan.  This allows us to plan without any future errors.  Which is important when working with contractors and suppliers as they all work off a layout.

Furniture Audit

We will make note of all your office furniture looking at the condition and provide you with a coherent catalogue of your furniture.  We note the quantity, quality and from our extensive furniture knowledge we generally can identify its origin.

What our clients say about our services.

“My dealings with 3e1 have always been positive lead by the ability the team has to provide useful, no bull, concise help in any situation. They have always been willing to provide a professional service and be a sound board for verifying ideas.”

Ryan Corbett - Agilisys
“We could tell they were going to be more innovative, and understood what we wanted more.”

Lentus - MD
“Good people, I felt very safe that they wouldn't crank up the job and over egg it. I really felt they had integrity and was working in our best interests and not just trying to make a buck.”

Ben Caspersz - Claremont
“Very good, I know they're used to dealing with contemporary spaces which I like, so from my perspective you don't get the impression that you're dealing with a ‘fuddy-duddy’ company who would do your grandparents place up. The fact that they converted the image I had in my head into reality was spot on, I couldn't have asked for any more.”
Kieran Chalker - Garton Jones
“Their speed and the quality of what they 3equals1 offer. The 3D visuals & videos that we can't create are really important for impressing the bigger clients.”

Nic Hunt - One Hundred Partnership
Personal involvement, flexibility, communication - Listening to the client was key”

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