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September 18, 2020

 ‘The People’s Workplace’ premieres at 3e1’s 10-year anniversary

On Thursday 27th August we embraced the opportunity to celebrate 3e1’s 10-year anniversary with an exclusive guestlist of friends, colleagues, suppliers, and clients. During the party large screens dotted around the office were showing ‘The People’s Workplace’, a short montage film we created summarising all the video responses to the survey we carried out during the Coronavirus lock-down. Click on the thumbnail below to watch the video and please do send us your feedback and your own thoughts on how the pandemic has affected your working life. You can do this via any of our social media channels highlighted at the end of the article. 

Sit back – and enjoy the film!

What Is ‘The People’s Workplace’?

The People’s Workplace was an idea we felt just had to happen. So far, the human side of the Covid-19 pandemic – and its overall impact on the UK’s working world – has been neglected. Our owner Maz explains:

“We have seen so many examples of people allocating HR resources and designing new layouts with permanent remote working in mind. We wanted to check in with people and make sure that they’re okay with that and also find out how they’re feeling in general about all the changes that have emerged from the pandemic.  We have to consider whether the shock of the pandemic is producing knee-jerk decisions to create negative spaces that could well be in place for the mid to long-term. We’ve had a great Spring and Summer but we don’t want this ‘non-norm’ to be considered the ‘norm’. Let’s wait for winter and get more information before we firm up these ideas of a ‘New Normal’.”

Video responses to our survey questions were collated from fifty working people including freelancers, business owners, and employees from a range of different sectors. Industries covered included Graphic Design, Education, Web Design, Insurance, Marketing and PR, Finance, Software Engineering, Management Consulting, Commercial Interior Design, and Fashion. The questions were designed to discover how people’s working lives have been affected and how they are feeling about the new working culture and environment that is forming in the UK.

Key Findings

The biggest messages that came out of the research were that all of our respondents have shown great resilience and adaptability in dealing with the new working conditions. The vast majority are also firmly rejecting permanent homeworking as a prospect and are more than ready to return to the office. 

If you’re interested in receiving a report with the full research findings drop us a line

10-Year Anniversary Photo Album

Please do send us your feedback on the film and any of the points made by us or our respondents. We want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going. Get in touch with us via email, phone, or through any of our social channels below.

Best wishes,

The Team @ 3e1

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