Clerkenwell Open 2021

September 20, 2021

The 3e1 highlights from Clerkenwell Open 2021!

Our top picks and exclusives of Clerkenwell Open!

Our team got the amazing opportunity to visit Clerkenwell Open this year, and it was an amazing experience for our designers to develop knowledge within the furniture industry, as well as getting a glimpse into all the upcoming designs of 2021-22!

Gert loved the Mews Collection made by Boss.

With a range of different designs—and built-in plug sockets and TV—the Mews Collection is incredibly plush and luxurious. A sliding door allows for both privacy when required and an open space for otherwise. Moreover, it can be moved around if the office needs a refresh or is moving to a new location.

Matthew's favourite product of the show was the Bene Pixel Boxes.

Easily stackable, the boxes can be many things—stools, tables, or storage units, or even all of them at once! The notion that they can be rearranged without the need for tools or construction workers is a big plus for Matthew!

Last but not least is Sahara's pick of the Bio Nuez chair manufactured by Andreu World.

Inspired by the walnut (the one you eat), it comes in a great colour pattern and as a bonus is incredibly comfortable!

Have a look at our mini vlog from the Event down below:

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