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June 2020

For the Splend office in North West London we created a design that breaths their brand identity. As a company Splend provides Eco friendly and affordable cars to on-demand drivers, so they can focus on earning an income. This message together with their branding colours was the guideline for our design. The purpose of their London office is to attract on-demand drivers as well as to showcase the available cars.

In our design we have shown a journey that starts outside in the carpark, guiding potential clients and visitors inside where the message continues. We wanted to celebrate Splend's colours and graphics and we have used it in various areas. To compliment the colours and graphics we have used Splend's punchy Quotes in different areas like the outside flags and banners as well as in the interior design. Your Road to stardom begins at Splend in North West London.



Splend - Staff member

It has been amazing to see the office transform, the space now truly represents the Splend brand, we look forward to working with 3e1 on any future projects.

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