The grass is greener in Norwich
Housing Association - Norwich
Project Cost:
Project Size:
3,400 m2 / 36,500 ft2
Completion Time:
Jan 2021 - June 2021

During the pandemic our client decided to have an office refresh to encourage flexible working post-Covid. The client decided they wanted to have less formal workstations and more soft furnishings throughout.

Norwich specifically felt the needed a greener environment and a space that brought a little bit of the home environment into the office. We achieved this by including some bespoke shelving units with interior accessories to give the space a more welcoming environment.

Our proposal included repurposing a lot of their existing products to show how the environment can transform without costing the earth. We introduced touchdown points with plug and play surfaces and touch free phone charging for a tech working environment; as well as Catch up areas for more informal meetings.

Housing Association - Norwich


Hosing Association -
Staff member

It's a nice, warmer environment to work in. The space lets you be a little more creative and it's nice to come into a work environment and not feel so formal all the time.

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