A new office look
Housing Association - Croydon
Project Cost:
Project Size:
3,300 m²/ 36,000 ft²
Completion Time:
Jan 2021 - June 2021

Our challenge in 2017 was to relocate 400 employees from multiple sites whilst creating an office that felt comfortable and inviting. Although ’function over form’ was the over-arching brief, providing a practical solution that is easily maintained was key for this project. The close relationship we have developed with Clarion Housing Group after working with them on many previous projects has allowed us to work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines.

The 16-week program required 3equals1 to only consider products with a fast turnaround without jeopardising quality, look or feel. With the building's unusual arching shape we had to be mindful not to create dead spaces. The curved canteen really celebrates the core structure and allows for a high-traffic area to feel comfortable and calm.

During the pandemic in 2021 our client decided to have a refresh of their biggest 4 sites. The staff wanted to have a much more collaborative and open feel within their office, with less formal workstations and more soft furnishings throughout to encourage flexible working post-Covid.

Being one of the client's largest sites, the main challenge was to encourage staff member to come back to an environment they felt safe and comfortable in. Using smart technology, we introduced several plug-and-play work stations and divided the different working zones with soft seating and acoustic booths for more focused working.

Our proposal included repurposing a lot of their existing products to show how the environment can transform without costing the earth. We introduced touchdown points with plug and play surfaces and touch free phone charging for a tech working environment; as well as Catch up areas for more informal meetings.

Housing Association - Croydon


Housing Association -
Staff member

"It feels very welcoming when you come onto the second and third floor. I like all the soft furnishing areas, it feels very relaxing. It just feels like the home environment."

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