Fresh and inviting
Housing Association - Basildon
Project Cost:
Project Size:
100 m² / 330 ft²
Completion Time:
Oct 2021 - March 2022

Basildon, was a residential home that evolved into an office space. The client wanted an office that was inviting and positive for their staff to encourage coming back to the office.

The speedy turnaround faced us with a few challenges. We needed to be creative and decisive with our choices, without compromising on quality and the overall look and feel. The addition of colour blocking in the area created a fresh and modern feel to the residential architecture, and by reusing some of the existing furniture, we were able to extend the products life cycle.

With strategic space planning, we worked on the architecture of the building to create a warm and open environemnt that reflected the values of the company. Incorporating the clients branding guidelines and style, we went big and bold on the wall paint, creating an uplifing environment.

Working closely with the client thoughout the design process, we were able to transform the space into a vibrant, inviting workspace that the staff could call their own.

Housing Association - Basildon


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