Your new office look

Project type:
Interior design promotional video
Completion time:

Following from our extensive interior design project for a Housing Association., we expanded our services to provide a full promotional video to excite the about returning to their refurbished office space.

The project integrated a full design package, from the interior design, to graphic signage and internal building brochures. Using the client branding, we designed an informative video for 4 of the main site to highlight how the new space should be used.

Each video is intended as both a promotional video and to educate the staff on how to use the new areas that we have included in their office. This site video is a visual aid is intended to illustrate the facilities offered in the building.



"I watched the video before retuning to the office, and I honestly couldn't be more excited to be back in the office! I love all the new areas, especially the soft furnishing. This video has really put me at ease about coming back to the office"

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