Clerkenwell Design Week | 3e1 Official Previews

Camila Ritchie
October 16, 2020

**Please note that since the publication of this CDW preview article we have also published an official review of Clerkenwell Design Week 2019. To read that and find out about all the best bits from the week picked out by the team at 3equals1 Design click here

It' that time of year again...

London's  biggest commercial interior design festival is upon us. With more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, you can always guarantee the streets of Clerkenwell to be a hive of energy for Clerkenwell Design Week. Throw in pop-up exhibitions, amazing installations, and late night parties and how on earth do you navigate 3 whole days of the Clerkenwell festival? Here’s our top 3 best bits…

Top Things Not To Miss

1) TALK: ‘Thriving Communities’ – Interface & Oliver Heath

‘An afternoon session examining how creating spaces with a sense of community can have a positive impact on wellbeing and business’

At 3e1 - as well as creating positive, healthy spaces - we love a good talk! We’re looking forward to learning more about how we can continue to stay ahead of the curve and #makeworklive  for our clients.

2) COMPETITION: ‘Aeron Chair Hockey’ – Herman Miller, Brewhouse Yard

‘Two teams, 5 players, 10 Aeron Chairs, 3 days! Red vs Blues battle it out in a rolling tournament with the winning side being announced Thursday Evening’

Healthy competition…. Said no-body! See you on the rink!

3) INSTALLATION: ‘Once Upon A time’ – Various locations, Clerkenwell  

A series of graphical installations bringing to life stories from 6 locations. A little window into the late history of the area’

Love hearing stories from the industry before mobile phones, the internet, before agile working?! This installation takes us back as far as the 1800’s. Although we’re not sure much has changed for ‘Passing Alley’…

Top Things We’ll Be Looking Out For

1) Better detail in connectivity within products

‘Power to the People’
We love giving our clients the flexibility to work where ever they can lay their laptop, which often means integrated sockets into soft seating! We’re just a little tired of seeing some clumsy solutions, eyesores and limited finishes. Keeping our eyes peeled for some sleek solutions as standard.

2) Researched based solutions

‘The science behind the solutions’
How, what, why – was it ever even a problem?! Tell us the facts and figures, ins and outs!

3) Forward thinking technology

‘Geek out’
Nothing new for us, we’re always hungry to see what’s on the horizon of technology and how it might shape the spaces of the future! What’s Next?

Top Parties

CDW is one of the best social occasions in the industry and we love catching up with old friends and making new ones! With so many great parties to choose from we sadly can’t attend them all. Here’s where we’ll be heading this year:

1) Tuesday: Relay, 10 year anniversary.

2) Wednesday: Vault Launch Party, Fabric

3) Thursday: Ege Party, Ministry of Sound

Top F&B in Clerkenwell...(F&P Food & Pubs!)

1) Sutton Arms – Great Sutton Street

A proper pub! Great relief for when you’ve had your fill of ‘themed’ showroom events and looking for a normal drink!

2) The Horseshoe – Clerkenwell Close

Another no frills pub but with added walled garden! Great way to escape until CDW blows over.

3) Slaughtered Lamb – Great Sutton Street

Rain or shine you’ll inevitable get scooped up into the slaughtered lamb with people spilling out in to the streets. You won’t know if you’re part of design week or the pub!

*Okay, they're all pubs - bar snacks count as food right?

Top 3equals1 In-house Hangover Cures

Each to their own but this is how we’ll be making it through to the bank holiday weekend!

1) Sausage Sandwich
Winning combination of carbs and ketchup never disappoints

2) Fizzy Drink
Fat Coke, Skinny Coke, Lucozade.. – just as long as its ice cold!

3) Hair of the dog ……

Clerkenwell Design Week Key Information

When is Clerkenwell Design Week 2019? 21st to 23rd May 2019. Find out all other information you’ll need on the Clerkenwell Design Week website.

Who is exhibiting at Clerkenwell Design Week? Click the following link for the full exhibitor list.

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